AT BFBC, our Small Group time is an important component of finding a place to connect with others. Our classes focus on the study of God's word and our responsibility to love one another.  They provide opportunities for fellowship with one another, the development of friendships, offers accountability and encouragement and develops ministry. 

Upon your visit, you will find someone here excited to introduce to a small group. 

Classes, teachers, and locations:

Young Adults: Rob Nelson (Family Life Center room 203)
Ladies I: Gayla Gist (Worship Center room 101)
Ladies II: Sylvia Alexander (Worship Center room 102)
Ladies III: Thomasine Choat (Worship Center room 108)
Ladies IV: Glenda Colagross (Worship Center room 103)
Men I: Eric Weaver (Family Life Center room 205)
Men II: Bill Alexander (Worship Center room 105)
Men III: Dana Hester (Worship Center room 106)
Couples I: Randy & Lisa Waldrep (Family Life Center Tea Room)
Couples II: Mark & Candi Rutland (Family Life Center room 206)
Adults I: Jack Crowell (Worship Center room 104)